Daniel Fung CT says ‘Wait and See’ while Federal Government Looks into Vape Safety

Daniel Fung CTIf you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, it’s highly likely that the controversy surrounding vaporizers has come across your eyes and ears. With five deaths reported as of mid-September 2019 and hundreds of others entering hospitals for respiratory problems, the vape oil and mysterious black market additives are being called into question. Daniel Fung CT, who has a long background in the cannabis industry, is familiar with “vape” pens of all shapes and sizes. More importantly, he understands the minuscule design changes that manufacturers can decide on – and the differences this will have on performance. Tweaks that different vape devices offer could include different temperatures, taste profiles, volts, watts, resistance and more. In this article, we’ll explore the current situation surrounding vapes and how Daniel Fung CT – an industry veteran whose seen shifts in consumption and delivery methods – views the issue.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is investigating the issue and a decision has yet to be made. Those who’ve been hospitalized with respiratory issues range in age and some have not had any sort of preexisting conditions prior to this episode. “The cause of the illnesses is a mystery, though health authorities have linked them to the vaping of key marijuana ingredients or nicotine,” the article states. “Most of the cases seem to be cannabis-related, state and federal health officials say.” It’s wise to not rush to judgment, but the health issues clearly aren’t just scare tactics and a thorough investigation into what could be causing these adverse reactions is indeed warranted.

Vaping has been championed as a safer alternative to the traditional ways of smoking tobacco or cannabis. According to a recent article from MJBizDaily.com, “state-legal marijuana stores have not yet reported a serious downturn in vaporizer cartridge sales.” Even cannabidiol (CBD) can be ingested via vape and it’s said to be a more direct way of receiving the benefits of CBD. The benefits of CBD are also still being researched, but those who’ve used it regularly tout stress and pain-relief as some of the reasons why they vape or eat CBD-laden products. It would be unfortunate then to force those who are seeing the benefits of CBD to discontinue use of their vaporizers. Daniel Fung CT, who has seen the vape, cannabis and CBD markets explode in the past few years, will keep a close eye on ongoing developments and withhold judgment for the time being.

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